Thursday, April 16, 2009


Anonymous said...

In the city that I live in there is a block long mural of street art. Work that took talent and time and a lot of materials to make. Taggers, so called graffiti artists, stop by weekly to paint their tags on it. Scribbled names from no-talent fools who scratched up enough money for a spray can of Krylon. This background wall reminds me of that.

Sometimes when I return to a spot where I put up one of the screenprinted stickers/posters that I spent hours creating and printing I find that a tagger has been attracted to the location with his can of Krylon. The artistic merit of my posters and stickers can be argued but good or bad it is art. Writing taki83, to use a famous example, is not fucking art.

priest said...

we all spend time on our artwork and I'm sure the guy who built that wall spent more time(and money) to put it there than you, the tagger, and the guy who covers it up. Street art, like us is temporary, that is the beauty of it. To get mad because someone tagged over your stuff is redundant, you pasted, stuck, stenciled, or sprayed over someone's building, wall, train whatever. we will all live, and we will all die. Our pieces are like our children and sometimes they get admired and recognized as something great, and other times they are torn down, shunned, laughed at or looked on in disgust. Once we walk away that piece is no longer ours. It belongs to the public, the street, the passerby, the 14 year old kid who writes his tag because it gets noticed more than he does. This is art but it's also life. Banksy started out tagging, and so did other big name street artists and when their stuff gets written on they understand because art is perception. It's not up to you.